General FAQs

Are Slay products vegan & cruelty free?

Yes our products are all 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free.

Where are Slay products made?

Slay tanning products are made in Australia (for real, not like other competitors🤫). Our Tanning Mitt is made in China.

What sort of DHA is in the Slay tan products?

100% Natural DHA is used in Slay products.

What is DHA?

DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is the active ingredient in self tanning products. It is a sugar molecule that reacts to the amino acids on the surface of the skin. The level of DHA controls how dark and natural the colour looks. Slay Instant Tanning Mousse uses a high level of 100% natural DHA that has been formulated to create a natural looking tan fast.

Is the Slay Instant Tanning Mousse safe to use if I am pregnant?

Slay Instant Tanning Mousse is made with natural ingredients, so generally are safe to use during pregnancy. We highly recommend contacting your doctor or practitioner before using our tanning range whilst pregnant regarding any concerns you may have.

Instant Tanning Mouse FAQs

How many applications will I get from one 200ml bottle of Slay Instant Tanning Mousse?

You will get approximately 6 - 8 full body applications per 200ml bottle.

How do I apply the Instant Tanning Mousse?

We recommend applying the Instant Tanning Mousse with our Tanning Mitt for a flawless and streak free tan.

Can I sleep in the Instant Tanning Mousse?

Yes. Our Instant Ultimate Tanning Mousse has been formulated specifically for sleeping in. The active colour technology maximises results after 8 hours of wear.

Will the Instant Tanning Mousse protect me from U.V exposure?

No, all Slay self tan products will not protect you from U.V exposure.

How do I remove the Instant Tanning Mousse from my skin?

Lather up in the shower & use an exfoliating mitt for best results. Your skin will be clean and soft in minutes ready for your next Slay application.

How long after applying the Instant Tanning Mousse should I shower?

We recommend showering after at least 8 hours of wear. This will allow the colour technology to reach it's maximum Ultra Dark finish.

How long will the Instant Tanning Mousse last on my skin?

On average, Slay Instant Tanning Mousse will last 7-10 days. The key to your tan lasting longer is keeping your skin hydrated.

Is the Instant Tanning Mousse transfer-proof?

Yes! Once left to dry our Instant Tanning Mousse won’t transfer or stain your clothes.